Welcome Rose Of Sharon Montessori School Benin

Welcome to the Rose Of Sharon Montessori School Benin City. Our Motto of 'Raising Godly Children To Be Noble Leaders' means that children are at the heart of everything we do. Everyone in our school community strives for all children to reach their full potential, in every aspect of school life. The staff, parents and children are very proud of our caring school and our many achievements. Visitors to our school always comment on the happy school environment, the 'can do' attitude and excellent behaviour.


Our Creche get you covered with your baby and young children cares for during the working days.


We provide system of educating children that seeks to develop natural interests and activities rather than use formal teaching methods


Comprises primary education,It also covers a wide variety of non-formal and informal public and private activities intended to meet the basic learning needs of pupils.


Get your child involed in an artwork that depicts children in their drawing or painting and enhanced cultural values.


In this section, we have included a number of important school activities. These are in place to give you a quick information get you onboard early as you join us.


Science tells us that early childhood is a time of both great promise and considerable risk. Having responsive relationships with adults, growth-promoting experiences, and healthy environments for all young children helps build sturdy brain architecture and the foundations of resilience".

Basic Education

Rose Of Sharon Montessori students average a tremendous score of over 93% in 3 Primary Checkpoint Subjects (English, Math and Science). Students are introduced to a wide range of subjects and studies where learning is hands-on, exciting and interesting. Children are actively involved in their lessons and are motivated to do things for themselves where they learn to ask questions and have the confidence to think for themselves. They will become more independent and make progress to achieve their full potential..

After School Activities

After School Activities.